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Here at, we love what we do! What brings us even greater joy is sharing this love with you, our valued customer.  Our team works hard to find the most awesome smoking devices and accessories known to humanity from our local Colorado artists & provide an A+ shopping experience. We take a great pride in our customer service so don’t be shy and reach out if you have any questions.  

A Brief History

Box State Glass is a new & prospective company from the beautiful state of CO, USA. Our experience growing up in Colorado was that a nice piece was a must have and everybody wanted to have something unique.  Our team was your typical shoppers group - in and out of different glass shops buying the old (and oh known by everybody) school style mushroom water pieces or your standard $20 dollar piece. At some point on that journey, founder of Box State Glass Jeremy Sterling was introduced to particular blowers, styles and the history behind blowing and Og’s like Bob Snodgrass.  If you’re new to glass appreciation, we suggest checking out “Degenerate Art”. An awesome movie, lots of history and background information (for the nights when you are not sure what to watch). Being an entrepreneur, Jeremy naturally wanted to be more involved in the industry. That’s when Box State Glass was born!

Box State Glass Headshop

Let’s get excited together about the variety of amazing product we have to offer here. The items we sell in our shop are hand-picked (after years of networking with our local glass artists and throughout the US, btw check out their stories in our Blog section) to offer you the widest selection, of one-of-a-kind glass bongs, pipesoil rigs and bubblers. From hand pipeswater pipes and recyclers to concentrate accessoriesdabbers and nails, you name it - we have it. 

Our focus is customer satisfaction, so our team works hard to provide you with value, prompt and professional support  and discreet packaging. We offer bulk discounts and special coupon discounts for our members and loyal customers.

 Keep track with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest contests, giveaways and upcoming sales.

Thanks for visiting us at!

Enjoy our shop and be in a highly motivated shopping mood! ☺

About Us

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